Geeta Sakshigaa (2023) HDRip Telugu Full Movie Watch Online Free

Geeta Sakshigaa (2023) HDRip telugu Full Movie Watch Online Free MovieRulz

Watch Geeta Sakshigaa (2023) HDRip Telugu Full Movie Online Free

Geeta Sakshigaa Movie Info:
Directed by: Anthony Mattipalli,
Starring by: Aadarsh, Rajiv Kumar Aneja, Anitha Chowdary,
Genres: Drama,
Country: india
Language: telugu
Video Quality: HDRip


Aadarsh, a DJ in a popular pub in Hyderabad, is content with his life, enjoying his work and finding joy in his family. However, his world takes a devastating turn when he becomes the prime suspect in a heinous crime. The police arrest him, accusing him of raping and murdering an innocent girl.

Shattered and bewildered, Aadarsh protests his innocence, but the evidence seems stacked against him. The media sensationalizes the case, and public opinion turns against him. Chitra Sukla, the woman he had fallen for, is also torn between believing in Aadarsh's innocence and the damning accusations surrounding him.

Aadarsh's family, initially in disbelief, faces the harsh reality of their son's arrest. They stand by him, hiring a defense lawyer to fight for justice. The legal battle unfolds as Aadarsh maintains his innocence, but the case becomes increasingly complex with twists and turns that cast doubt on his version of events.

As the investigation progresses, Aadarsh and his defense team uncover hidden motives, conflicting alibis, and a web of deceit that suggests a more intricate plot at play. The narrative unfolds as they race against time to gather evidence that could exonerate Aadarsh and reveal the truth behind the tragic event.

Simultaneously, Chitra Sukla, grappling with her feelings and torn allegiances, takes it upon herself to investigate the case independently. In her pursuit of the truth, she discovers unexpected connections, unearths buried secrets, and faces threats that put her own life in jeopardy.

The story delves into the complexities of trust, betrayal, and the consequences of false accusations. It explores the impact of media sensationalism on public opinion and the challenges faced by individuals wrongfully accused. Aadarsh's resilience, the unwavering support of his family, and Chitra's determination to uncover the truth become central themes in the narrative.

In a climactic courtroom showdown, the truth is finally revealed, leading to a dramatic twist that changes the course of everyone's lives. The story concludes with Aadarsh reclaiming his innocence, but the scars of the false accusations linger, leaving a profound impact on his relationships and the way he perceives the world around him.

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Geeta Sakshigaa (2023) Telugu Movie Watch Online Free *Rip File*


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