Rakshakudu (2024) HDRip Telugu Full Movie Watch Online Free

Rakshakudu (2024) HDRip telugu Full Movie Watch Online Free MovieRulz

Watch Rakshakudu (2024) HDRip Telugu Full Movie Online Free

Rakshakudu Movie Info:
Directed by: Nithin Renji Panicker,
Starring by: Suresh Gopi, Renji Panicker, Rachel David,
Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller,
Country: india
Language: telugu
Video Quality: HDRip


The quaint town of Kattappana, once witness to the camaraderie between Antony and Thampan, is now a silent testament to the complexities of their past. United not only by friendship but also by a shared commitment to justice, the duo served as the local judiciary, providing solace and support to the villagers in their times of need.

However, the echoes of a bygone era now reverberate in the silence between Antony and Thampan. A rift, born from undisclosed events, has severed the ties that once bound them together. The warmth that once characterized their friendship now replaced by an unsettling distance.

Antony, facing the harsh winds of adversity, finds himself in a dire situation. Having lost one of his legs, he navigates a world burdened by debts and challenges. The weight of financial struggles adds to the emotional toll, and the absence of his once steadfast partner, Thampan, amplifies the isolation.

The town, once blessed by the benevolence of these two friends, now stands witness to the shadows of their fractured relationship. The winds of change have not spared Kattappana, leaving behind a poignant tale of friendship tested by time and circumstance. Whether Antony and Thampan's paths will converge again, bringing healing and closure to their shared history, remains a question lingering in the quiet corners of the town.

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Rakshakudu Movie Watch Online
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Rakshakudu (2024) Telugu Movie Watch Online Free *Rip File*


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